Signal 88 Security Lawsuits: A Chronicle of Controversies


In the realm of private security services, Signal 88 Security has gained notoriety for its involvement in several high-profile lawsuits. These legal battles have raised concerns about the company’s hiring practices, training procedures, and overall conduct.

A Trail of Allegations

One of the most significant lawsuits against Signal 88 stems from the 2018 fatal shooting of Anthony Warren at a Waffle House restaurant in Columbia, Missouri. The lawsuit alleges that Robert Moses, a security guard employed by Signal 88, negligently shot and killed Warren during an altercation between two other patrons.

Another notable case involves a 2021 incident where a Signal 88 security guard allegedly beat a panhandler outside a Safeway grocery store in Portland, Oregon. The panhandler, Westley Foster, filed a lawsuit against Signal 88 and Safeway, claiming that he was assaulted and falsely imprisoned.

These lawsuits paint a disturbing picture of a company that may not be adequately screening its employees or providing proper training to prevent such incidents.

Raising Red Flags

The lawsuits against Signal 88 have raised concerns about the company’s overall conduct and its ability to provide safe and professional security services. The allegations of excessive force, negligence, and inadequate screening practices have cast a shadow over the company’s reputation.

These legal challenges have also raised questions about the broader oversight of private security companies. With the increasing reliance on private security in various public spaces, it is crucial to ensure that these companies operate to the highest standards of professionalism and uphold the rights of individuals.


The Signal 88 security lawsuits serve as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough screening, comprehensive training, and ethical conduct within the private security industry. These legal battles highlight the need for stricter regulations and greater accountability to ensure that private security companies operate in a responsible and professional manner.


What is Signal 88 Security?

Signal 88 Security is a private security company based in Columbia, Missouri. It provides security services to a variety of businesses and organizations, including restaurants, retail stores, and apartment complexes.

What are the main allegations against Signal 88 Security?

Signal 88 Security has been accused of negligence, excessive force, and inadequate screening of its employees. These allegations have arisen from several lawsuits involving incidents where Signal 88 security guards have been involved in altercations or shootings.

What has been the impact of the lawsuits against Signal 88 Security?

The lawsuits have raised concerns about the company’s practices and have damaged its reputation. The company has also faced calls for stricter regulations of the private security industry.

What are the implications of these lawsuits for the future of private security?

The lawsuits against Signal 88 Security highlight the need for more stringent oversight of private security companies. This includes stricter hiring practices, more comprehensive training, and greater accountability for the actions of security guards.

What can be done to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future?

To prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, private security companies must implement stricter hiring practices, provide more comprehensive training to their employees, and establish clear guidelines for the use of force. Additionally, regulatory bodies should implement stricter oversight of private security companies to ensure that they are operating in a responsible and ethical manner.

What can individuals do to protect themselves from potential misconduct by private security guards?

Individuals should be aware of their rights when interacting with private security guards. They should avoid confrontations and should not hesitate to contact law enforcement if they feel threatened or unsafe.

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